Younger candidates to be shoulder-tapped

Date published: April 21, 2013 at 9:33 am | Comments

As the elected members work towards consulting with the public on their draft Annual Plan, Mayor Malcolm Campbell says the elections are in the background of their planning.

He believes it’s time for some younger people to consider serving on the local body.

He says they’re trying to encourage young residents to come on but understands it’s a big ask.

Mayor Campbell knows young people are often busy and it does take a lot of time out of your daily life to be a Councillor, which they’re conscious.

However, he’s still looking at tapping people on the shoulder and asking why they don’t give it a go.

He expects around three of his Councillors might not – mostly due to health issues.

Mayor Campbell says they’ll have to wait and see there, but they need to make it viable for others to step forward.

He knows it’s no good asking people to be on Council, then absolutely inundating them with work leaving them unable to manage it.

He says they won’t do themselves or the ratepayers any good that way.

Source: Kawerau District Council