VIDEO: Kawerau kayakers paddling to the future

Date published: June 28, 2012 at 9:10 am | Comments

A group of Kawerau students who were inspired to take on white water kayaking are now looking at paddling to the future.

The Kawerau Kayak Homiez is a group of Kawerau College students who wanted to try something different from normal land sports.

After a school talk with well known white water kayaker and Kawerau Blue Light coordinator Bruce Webber the group of students were inspired to give it ago.

After learning the skills to kayak and what it takes to negotiate the rapids the group took to the Tarawera river.

Kawerau’s Isaac smith, Jonathan Smith, Sean Ross and Keagan Heatshorne have all been kayaking for about 2 years now and plan to paddle into the future.

“We want to paddle more rivers and accomplish more with kayaking for our community and ourselves!”Says Isaac.

“We want your support and we want you to get involved with the sport also, its fun, easy and its cool”Says Isaac.

The Kawerau Kayak Homies can be found on Facebook at

Source: The Bay of Plenty Live