Putauaki School’s technology leaders

Date published: December 6, 2014 at 2:49 pm | Comments

TEN Putauaki School pupils are busy learning about new technology available at their school so they can provide guidance and support for other pupils and teachers.

The year five students were selected by their teachers this year to become information and communiction technologies (ICT) ambassadors.

ICT support teacher Chris Slabbert said the group would learn how to use the school’s devices through a course of online resources, including video tutorials.

Mr Slabbert said the students could work on their computer or tablet at the same pace as the video and would learn how to complete a number of computer and problem-solving tasks.

The course was designed by the school’s ambassador, Gemma Steele, who worked with Mr Slabbert in her spare time before school to create the resources. When the ambassadors start school holidays this month they have the ability to continue their learning at home by accessing the course through a portal on the school’s website.

Once the ambassadors are competent with the school’s computers and tablets they will sit an exam and earn a set of dog tags to recognise their new qualification.

The children said they were excited by the opportunity to teach their teachers but still felt they has a lot to learn before their test next year.

As the whole school upskilled their technology talents the ambassadors would build their knowledge accordingly so they could continue to support staff and students.

Currently the school has a ratio of one device for every three students and in 2015 it will introduce the first one-to-one class, where each student will have a tablet computer.

This was part of a move to create a 21st century learning environment with a greater ICT focus, Mr Slabbert said.

Source: Whakatane Beacon