One big step forward for a small town

Date published: August 31, 2013 at 7:37 am | Comments

The Forest and Bird Protection Society had appealed Kawerau Councils plans to rezone a 171 hectare site owned by Putauaki Trust; but has since agreed to withdraw that appeal.

This will leave a 71.6ha area available for immediate industrial development, with a further 47.4 to be zoned rural lifestyle. A further 4.8ha will be reserved for wast ponds to serve the nearby super skid and log yard area. About 13ha within the site is restricted from development due to a Transpower lines corridor.

According to Kawerau,s Industrial Symbiosis Project, the new industrial zone is an ideal location. It is located in a flat topogrophay next to the state highway and a railway line connected to the port of Tauranga.

It will have access to the railway siding at the superskid site; and the private McKee Road used by logging trucks; with industries also having the potential to obtain geothermal steam and electricity from the power-stations developed or being developed nearby. There is also access to wood and waste wood resources which can be manufactured into a variety of higher value products.

Su Cammell, of the Industrial Symbiosis Project had reasonable confidence that investments in ‘three or four’ product streams would be made in Kawerau in the next few years; and would be developed by new and established Kawerau businesses.

Source: Whakatane Beacon