Mayor wants to look ahead after job cuts

Date published: January 10, 2013 at 3:03 pm | Comments

An Eastern Bay civic leader is trying to put a positive spin on recent redundancies.

Kawerau based Norkse Skog Tasman yesterday announced the job losses of 110 staff as it officially closed a printing machine.

Whakatane’s Tony Bonne knows there will be a number of people feeling the redundancies in his district.

But he believes instead of dwelling on the job losses, there should be more focus on the Eastern Bay’s future.

He says when there’s a diverse economy like in the Eastern Bay of Plenty, when one thing goes down, something could be improving somewhere else.

Mayor Bonne knows some businesses will feel it, but we just need get that reinvestment and concentrate on the future rather than what’s just happened.

He says with the many advantages Kawerau has with geothermal power and the railway, he’s looking forward to 2013 being a positive year for his neighbouring district.

Meanwhile, Kawerau’s Mayor knows it’s not just his district that will suffer.

Malcolm Campbell believes anybody who thinks Norske Skog redundancies are a problem for the mill-town alone is sadly mistaken.

He says most of the people the job cuts will effect don’t actually live in the Kawerau township, so he’s concerned it will have a wider impact on the Eastern Bay.

He adds it’s not just the 110 people out of a job impacted, but there’s a negative flow-on effect to the whole community.

Source: 1XX FM