Mayor excited about tourism

Date published: January 26, 2014 at 3:25 pm | Comments

Kawerau’s leader thinks having a local MP as Associate Tourism Minister is going to bring with it some real benefits.

Todd McClay has been appointed to the role this week, and has spoken about small town operators being his main growth target.

Malcolm Campbell is thrilled with the news, and believes it’s about time someone took notice of what his district has to offer visitors.

He says they’ve always been trucking along as a mill town, and always referred to Kawerau as a mill town, but he thinks it’s more than that.

He says it’s a gateway to one of the most spectacular set of waterfalls in the country, and indeed one of the best Lakes, Tarawera.

Mr Campbell says to get to the outlet you have to go through the Kawerau CBD, which 35,000 people did last year.

He says there are many aspects of Kawerau that need to be taken advantage of, especially the Tarawera River.

He says they have an amazing river which Kawerau District Council has certainly invested in, and is starting to see rewards from.

He says the local body will be looking towards the Tarawera during 2014 to push it forward.

Mr Campbell says how special the waterway is was brought to his attention during last year’s World Rafting Championships, some of which was held in the town.

He says the river is right in the middle of town, not located somewhere out in the ‘boondocks’ like most other places.

Source: 1XX FM