Lili Latham rocks the stage on NZ’s got talent

Date published: October 1, 2012 at 11:02 am | Comments

Whakatane born and bred artist Lili Latham puts in a show stopping performance on NZ’s got Talent performing David Guettas ‘Getting Over You’.

Lili outshone other artists to get through to the semi finals with a high energy dance rendition.

There is no doubt that she is an accomplished vocalist.   She has a powerful voice with a wide vocal range.  Her tone is smooth and rich and her versaitily accross all genres is remarkable.

Then there is the delivery of the song, this we believe is the real point of difference.  When Lili performs magic happens – there is a connection with her audience which leaves a lasting impression.

She possesses a special gift of transparency and emotive communication. It is nothing that she has learnt, it is not practised or contrived.  Its simply her.   Lili becomes the song.

Lili is also a very energetic performer, and yet at the same time she makes the powerful delivery look effortless.

She is new, natural, and refreshingly different.  Strongly influenced by the 80′s (even though she wasn’t born then) her personal style is difficult to define but is a combination of punk, funk, rock,  pop, and some beautiful ballads.  Artists she has been likened to include Kate Bush (quirkyness and play with upper register), Annie Lennox (tambre of vocals) Siouxie (from Siouxie and the Banshees)  Patti Smith (for her song writing – story telling), and Peter Garrett (Midnight Oil – for performance moves).

“The EP” released August 2011 – is a collection of  her first 6 singles.  It is available on Itunes,  at Outlet Productions (Whakatane) All Good Music (Whakatane) and mail order us on contacts page or at gigs!


Source: Kawerau Online,