Kids click on to home-grown

Date published: July 30, 2012 at 1:58 pm | Comments

McCain veggie grower Tony Andrew was at the school to teach students about the vegetables they have been growing in their school garden, and help continue their knowledge about the benefits of eating healthy.

“We’re here to create an appreciation for vegetables among children so they are confident about growing their own,” he said.

The McCain truck has been visiting the schools across the country.

The theme for Friday’s visit to the Year 5 and 6 students at Merivale School was how vegetables start as a seed and turn into food.

“By the time I’ve been, they know more,” Mr Andrew said.

“I see them all through the years, and they know various things – they have the basic idea, I just refine the story.”

Mr Andrew spent most of his time asking the students what their favourite vegetable was and teaching them how to grow their own food at home, before praising the work the students had done at their own school patch.

For Shackera Waaka, 11, the visit proved to be an exciting event.

“It was nice knowing what we can do with our plants,” she said.

“And it was exciting seeing him in the car.”

Shackera is planning on growing her own vegetables at home and is hoping to make mashed potatoes and cheese sauce for her family. Merivale School gardens co-ordinator Tania Togo was delighted with the visit.

“It’s great because the kids see and learn how the veggies go from a seed to the table – and not from the packet.”

Ms Togo has been working with the students all year, and signed the school up to the McCain School Veggie Patches Programme to help teach the students about the benefits of gardening and growing their own food.

“It reinforces what we have been teaching them all year,” Ms Togo said.

“I really think that they will take what they have learnt home with them.”

Ms Togo believes the lesson will help the students learn in a more creative way, and is already planning next year’s visit.

Source: Bay of Plenty Times