Industry Health Award for Noske Skog Tasman

Date published: July 31, 2012 at 10:20 am | Comments

WorkWell is a management that is underpinned by accredited criteria.

This provides quality assurance for employees,suppliers,customers and the wider community that a high standard of workplace wellness has been achieved,and provides a structured framework for progression.

WorkWell takes the requirements of an effective wellness managment system and breaks the impletation of them down into three accreditation standards: Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Our organisation was assisted to develop and implement WorkWell and this was then certified following an on-site assessment .

The Bronze standard involved setting up the essential foundations to ensure that a wellness programme could be sustained. This was done by developing a one year action and evolution plan based on the needs identified by employees in a workplace survey completed in 2011.

Three key areas identified by the employee survey were:

  • To provide healthier eating options
  • Assistance to quit smoking and
  • Improve physical fitness levels

The WorkWell programme will focus on these three main areas in the rest of the year and in 2013


Source: The Echo - Kawerau News and Views