Forestry seen as stepping point into employment

Date published: August 19, 2013 at 11:04 am | Comments

A local speaker from the Maori Forestry Forum believes the sector is a great starting point for careers.

Kajavala Forestry’s Jacob Kajavala is a firm believer that boosting indigenous investment can lead to more employment.

The Kawerau local says the industry is especially good for under achievers, or those who have never been given a chance to make something of themselves.

He says forestry provides really good entry work for people who may not have done so well at school, as it gives them a good track record of good work practices.

He says this experience gives them a good leg up, not only into forestry as a career, but also into other careers because they’ve proven they’re good to work with.

As the head of Kajavala Forestry, he has hired a large number of locals who brought nothing to the table but enthusiasm to learn.

Mr Kajavala says forestry’s a major employer in these regions and it is a really good first step for young people.

He says the majority of his employees started with the company with no work experience of any type.

He says most stay in the industry, but a handful move on to other careers.

Source: 1XX FM