Follow up album launch

Date published: October 25, 2012 at 10:23 am | Comments

With their second album set to debut tomorrow, a local band is thrilled about its new sound.

While sticking to original roots, Kora drummer Brad says they have also delved into the world of electronic funk.

He says they are launching Light Years in Auckland tomorrow night, with support from Tiki Taane, Katchafire, friends, family and some fans.

Brad says one of his favourite tracks on the record is Drop Dead Killer, as quite a meaningful song written by brother Laughton.

He explains it’s got a strong message about the hardships you can go through in life.

He says it’s quite personal and thinks songs mean a lot more when they’re written that way.

The drummer explains there’s more funk on this album, as they’re trying a more retro feel for something a bit different.

Excited local fans should be pleased to hear the boys are preparing to bring their music back home, with a gig just before Christmas.

It’s planned for December 23 in Whakatane, with tickets on sale in November.


Source: 1XX