Enduranz: Grass Roots Series

Date published: July 31, 2013 at 1:59 pm | Comments

With the hunts and winter horse events wrapping up, ENDURANZ B.O.P is an excellent chance for riders to get out and enjoy our stunning countryside over the changing season.   Following on from the great success in 2012 the ENDURANZ B.O.P Grass Roots Series is gearing up to run again September 2013.

Riders in all disciplines from all around the North Island are invited to come along with their horse and experience and learn all the aspects of endurance riding at a grass roots level.  ENDURANZ B.O.P promises to create a fun and inviting atmosphere with a 20km & 30km course marked out over  Tui Glen Farm and Station.  If you’re already an addicted endurance rider, then we have something for you too.  This year ENDURANZ B.O.P has introduced the 40km, 60km & 80km courses.

The Grass Roots Series is created for new riders who want to come along and give long distance rides a go.  The series starts off with a 20km ride and increases in distance over the next two rides.  Both horse and rider will learn how to increase their stamina, throughout the series with the guidance and support of experienced Endurance riders who will be on hand to answer all their questions and show them the techniques required and general horsemanship.  Local vets check horses before and after each loop which is one of the most rewarding sections of endurance riding.  Finishing a long ride and then having a professional tell you ” your horse is ok and you rode really well”.

Whether riders are competing in the series or in the longer distance rides, they have the challenge of completing the ride in set times and then getting their horse’s heart rate below 64bpm after the ride.  Qualifying riders will receive points for course time and vetting time.  These points will be tallied up throughout the series, with riders competing for some pretty awesome prizes at the end.

We invite and encourage all horse owners, of all ages, from all over the North Island to come along and give it a go.  We know you will be hooked after your first ride, with friendly people, fun atmosphere, stunning riding and where everyone is involved in one way or another.

For more information contact: Hannah Edwardson

Email: Hannah.edwardson@kaweraudc.govt.nz

Cell: 027 703 7413

Or you can visit our website: endurancewaikato.homestead.com

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