Cost and service needs addressing at airport

Date published: September 21, 2012 at 1:11 pm | Comments

An Eastern Bay mayor town thinks the region’s airport needs more than a facelift.

Kawerau’s Malcolm Campbell believes flight time and costs should be addressed as a priority.

This comes as the Airport Board devise a draft 10 year plan for the Whakatane based facility, currently running at a loss.

Mr Campbell says the service out of Whakatane is great for the whole Eastern Bay.

But he admits he is a frequent Rotorua and Tauranga user as flight times are more convenient.

He says cost does play a big factor – and knows of a situation this week where flights to and from Whakatane were double the price than out of town services.

He says this is unacceptable.

He knows this isn’t Whakatane airport’s fault, but does believes it should be looked into with Air New Zealand.

Mr Campbell believes it would be inconvenient if the airport closed, especially if you are coming from the likes of Opotiki.

Source: 1XX FM