Limited Service Volunteer(LSV)

LSV is a six-week hands-on motivational and training programme for young people run by the New Zealand Defence Force on behalf of Work and Income. You will improve your job prospects, increase your confidence, and make new friends while living at a military camp during the course.

What you do on the course

The course provides you with life skills, motivation, learning and job options while you do challenging physical activities and have fun. You will learn self-discipline, how to take charge of your future and look for work.

LSV staff will provide support and guidance as role models, coaches and mentors. You will learn how to Push yourself and push your limits.

LSV motivational training includes outdoor recreational activities that promote team work, self confidence and self achievement. There is a strong emphasis on working together as a team and the discipline it takes to achieve this.. As the training takes place in a military setting and uses military facilities you will need to comply with service laws, customs and regulations.

The range of exciting outdoor and indoor activities are huge.

  • tramping and river crossing
  • rock climbing and abseiling
  • the high ropes course
  • regular fitness training
  • first aid training
  • basic financial and budgeting skills
  • interview skills and an updated CV
  • make connections with employers and employment opportunities.

How will taking part benefit you?

You will:

  • get job ready.
  • have improved leadership and communications skills
  • form common bonds with people your own age and can make friends for life.
  • get physically fit and your general health should improve..

All this done in a fun and adventurous environment.

At the end of your course you will graduate in front of your friends and family.. You will feel proud and want to do great things with your life. You will have set positive goals and have a desire to succeed.

You will also receive certificates and references outlining your new skills.

Who can go on the course – to take charge of their future

LSV is for young people aged from 17 to 25 years old receiving a benefit from Work and Income.

You must be:

  • actively engaged with us in looking or preparing for work
  • in good health and physically able to complete intensive outdoor activities
  • able to meet the minimum New Zealand Defence Force security requirements.

Applicants under 18 years

LSV will consider applications from 17 year old clients on a case by case basis. If you’re younger than 17 you can’t apply.

How much does it cost

The course is free but you’ll need some money to meet the cost of basic items, such as toiletries etc. The New Zealand Defence Force in partnership with us will also cover the costs of getting you there and back home again.

If you’re currently receiving a benefit then this will continue to be paid while on the LSV course.


How to apply

If you think this sounds like you, or you want to learn more about LSV, contact Work and Income on 0800 559 009 to make an appointment.