Kawerau Bubble Blast – Bubble Soccer and laser blast K-town!!!
Ron Hardie Recreation Centre, Onslow Street, Kawerau
Wednesday 8th April 2015
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Kawerau Bubble Blast roles into K-Town

8th April 2015

As part of the Easter School Holidays a collaboration between the Kawerau Youth Council, Kawerau Take the Lead project and Infinite ConnectioNZ will be taking place in and around the Ron Hardie Rec Centre and Circus Paddock in Kawerau on Wednesday 8th April.

The one off event is part of a wider consultation project to capture the voice of the youth in the Kawerau district.  With two amazing activities happening at once, the expectation is that a high percentage of the Kawerau youth will attend and create a fun forum environment to be created to capture the Kawerau youth voice.

The event name, ‘Kawerau Bubble Blast’, was born as a hybrid of the two main activities taking place on the day.  The Take the Lead leadership programme has adopted ownership of the crazy phenomena known as Bubble Soccer, whilst the newly formed Kawerau Youth Council will assist with delivery of Lazer Tag (aka Blast), inside the Ron Hardie Rec Centre.


A specially designed course with inflatable obstacles will be created in a darkened Rec Centre with pumping sounds, flashing lights, smoke machine and laser displays for the Laser Blast.

Youth Projects Officer JJ Rika is helping pull the day together and said: “I approached some Kawerau youth and asked them on their thoughts about possibly hosting laser tag in Kawerau, their faces lit up with excitement and apparently laser tag is very popular amongst the younger age group”.

“When compared to paintball, laser tag is painless because it uses no physical projectiles, and indoor versions may be considered less physically demanding. Then throwing Bubble Soccer in to the mix of the School Holidays Activities I think Kawerau Youth are going to have a great day”.

At the same time over on the Circus Paddock (just in front of the Rec Centre), two mini soccer pitches will be laid out with goals at either end for teams to attempt to score in, however, the twist is that each player must do this whilst stuck in a giant inflatable bubble with only their legs sticking out to run with and kick the ball!

Take the Lead Facilitator Amy Hayes said: “My colleagues and I are incredibly excited about this event. The Kawerau Bubble Blast is the perfect opportunity for us to collaborate towards our common goals, to engage youth in the community through play and give them a voice”.

“The Take the Lead girls will play a huge role in the day from organisation, marking pitches, registration, safe use of equipment and refereeing the games through to gathering feedback from their peers”.

Lazer Blast will host 20 minute games of 10 people (max.) per team, whereas Bubble Soccer will play 7 minute halves of a maximum of 4 players per team.

All activities are totally free; registrations will be required to participate on the day at the venues. The organisers hope to attract around 200 Kawerau youth aged between 11-18 years of age during the day.

Although participation is free the organisers will be seeking gold coin donations from the young people attending.  All proceeds will be passed onto the Kawerau RSA to assist with the 2015 ANZAC Day Commemorations.

Team Leader of Events and Community Activities, Lee Barton said: “We [the team] sat down a few weeks ago to brain storm what type of activities would attract a decent size crowd of young people to one place.  We didn’t really know where it would take us but we came up with two great activities.  I’ve asked a few young people what they reckon already about it and they just couldn’t wait to give the day a go, it should be a real blast”.

Wellington based youth consultant, Heidi Mills (Infinite ConnectioNZ) will be on hand to assist the organisers in seeking the voice of the Kawerau youth attending. This will include surveys, forum settings and a Vox Box.

Kawerau District Council is extremely focussed in finding out what the young people in Kawerau would like to see happening in their District and how Council can best listen to what they have to say about life growing up in Kawerau. Youth feedback from the Kawerau Bubble Blast will be collated and eventually form a base for the new Kawerau District Council Youth Policy.

Laser skirmish

Activity 1 Laser Blast (aka Tag or Skirmish)  

Mobile Laser Skirmish is a new, high-tech, leisure and recreational activity that is becoming a strong player in the entertainment sector around the world and has now arrived in New Zealand.


Fashioned on the popular paintball, laser skirmish uses the same battlefield scenarios without the bruising, welts and wounds that are synonymous with paintball.

The action and skill level of laser skirmish remain the same.  The harmless infra-red laser tagger technology provides a safe activity for all ages and abilities.

Kiwi Bubble Blast

Activity 2 Bubble Soccer:


KiwiBubbleSoccer is taking over New Zealand!  Bubble Soccer is the newest craze that has swept across Europe and America and has now arrived in New Zealand.

It is a hilarious combination of traditional soccer and big bubble suits.  This transforms the player into a human air bag.

While your upper body is safely enclosed in a huge inflatable bubble, players are sent flying through the air as they scramble for possession of the ball.

Players are simply trying to score by bouncing, rolling, bumping, flipping and crashing into each other.

In summary


WHAT:             Kawerau Bubble Blast – Bubble Soccer and Laser Blast

WHEN:             Wednesday nth April

TIME:               9.00am Registrations – 10am Games start

WHERE:           Ron Hardie Rec Centre & Circus Paddock, Kawerau

WHY:               To capture the youth voice in Kawerau and its fun

HOW MUCH:   Free; but a Gold Coin donation towards RSA ANZAC Day Commemorations is welcomed


For further details

Kawerau District Council Youth Projects Officer – JJ Rika


07 306 9048

Kawerau Take the Lead Facilitator – Amy Hayes


07 306 9009

Team Leader, Events & Community Activities – Lee Barton


07 306 9040

Director, Infinite ConnectioNZ – Heidi Mills


021 0 247 7171

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