Stoneham Walk

Start/finish: Information Centre – Plunket Street
Time: Approximately 1 hour

A delightful short walk through Kawerau’s gardens and parks. Start at the Kawerau Walkways Sign opposite the Information Centre and walk to the Ruruanga Stream past the Bowling Greens.

Cross the footbridge and turn left and walk through the grove of native trees to the Bell Street Bridge. Walk up to the road and cross Bell Street to enter Stoneham Walk, by the memorial to Roy Stoneham.

Follow the track on the left hand side of the stream past the Rose Garden, over the picturesque Stone Bridge, past two more bridges and on to the last bridge below Valley Road culvert.

You have the options of leaving the park on to Valley Road, and turn right or left to follow streets back to the Information Centre. However, we suggest you cross the last bridge and return to the start on the other side of the stream. The Ruruanga Stream is a junior angler fishery where children under 14 years can fish for Trout.

All of the nine bridges over the meandering Ruruanga Stream have been constructed by the Rotary Club of Kawerau over a thirty year period.

Information provided by the Kawerau District Council